Our mission, at Health Clinic Naturally is to see people make healthier choices, for a healthier world for us all. We figured that the best way to do this was to help people find natural supplements and vitamins online and pair this store with consultations from health experts. We want to help you make the most out of your body, your health and your life!

All of our organic vitamins and health supplements are food-based, using natural ingredients, instead of chemicals. Most of them are Vegetarian or Vegan, too, and we also have options for those following Gluten-free, Kosher and Halal diets. We’ve got a little something for everyone. We believe that someone’s dietary needs shouldn’t have to be a barrier between them and their health.


We’re here for you as you begin your new health journey, and that includes helping you out with value for money when you shop with us. We’re 5-10% cheaper than your average high street health shop so, if you’re looking to get healthy, this is the place to start!

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We’re a team of trained health professionals, qualified with diploma from College of Naturopathic Medicine, members of ANP (Association of Naturopathic Practitioners) with backgrounds in essential oils, as well as experience working with Health Store in Chelsea. Our experience is broad and our commitment to achieve good health naturally. The standard medical approach, when it comes to combatting poor health, is to treat the symptoms of a problem rather than the root of the problem. We believe in a preventative approach to health, combining good diet and regular exercise, supported by our vitamins, supplements and essential oils, so we can stop health issues before they even start.



Passion drives everything we do. It’s why we live the way that we do and why we chose to start up our organic vitamins and health supplements shop! We’re very passionate about holistic health and promoting natural products as a way of walking toward a healthier lifestyle, rather than the pills and chemicals that most health industry workers automatically turn to.

Nutritional Therapist selling Natural Supplements and Organic Vitamins


We are a smaller shop with our own personal connections. That way, we are able to source ingredients and products directly from their source, rather than going through multiple middle-men and suppliers that bulk the prices up. This is also connected to our passion for health. We don’t want price to be a barrier stopping anyone from living their best life!


We love what we do and pride ourselves on the flexibility we bring to our customer service. We base our service around you as we understand that everyone is different, with different bodies and different organic vitamin and health supplement needs. We are available to talk when it is the most convenient time for you.  We recommend to take a good care of your health every day.




We offer a FREE delivery for the orders over £35 in our shop and it will reach you within 3-5 working days.

If you need your products FAST, Express Delivery is also available at checkout on UK deliveries ONLY.

We have limited capacity for international deliveries at this time. Please see pricing at the time of checkout. We are not responsible for any import fees into the country of delivery. These fees will be passed onto the customer.

We offer a grace period of 14 days, for unopened and undamaged items only. It is worth mentioning, we are only a small business (exemptions will apply for some items – if this is case, we will contact you directly to discuss things).


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If you’re looking to make the most of your health and wellbeing, then you need to be getting the right intake of vitamins and minerals. Our E-commerce shop has what you need, so you are more than welcome to select some food-based supplements/ vitamins from our organic range and get back on track with your health!

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